April 01, 2014

JNC's April Fools?

Hey everyone!

My mind was and is still shattered at how my toy Starion managed to find its way onto the Japanese Nostalgic Car website. As corny as it sounds, being featured or even mentioned on the JNC blog has been one of those bucket-list type of things for me personally, so a big thank you to the post author Justin Principe for sharing my work, Japanese Nostalgic Car for the always amazing content, and of course all the people showing love.

So welcome to the Blistercards blog! For the new readers, things are a bit quiet but these are the two current projects waiting for me to complete. Being a full time student with work on the side really robs time from this hobby, however in about 2 weeks or so I'll be on a break with some more freedom to restart on these again.

On the left is a Johnny Lightning-made 240SX that's getting the full Type-X treatment, and on the right is a Civic wagon/Wagovan that used to be a common 2-door EF hatch by Hot Wheels which got released a few months ago.

Hope you guys like the type of stuff here; and the best way to keep updated is thru my Instagram profile.

Thanks again for stopping by!