January 12, 2014

Results: Hot Wheels Honda Civic (EF)

Took me long enough to customize one of these. For this one I decided to just do a simple detail to start. Hot Wheels did a pretty good job at giving it a realistic, tasteful paint scheme, but I still thought it could use some rubstrips, window trim, and new wheels.

Also did some panel lining on the middle columns of the lower grille to resemble a painted JDM bumper:

Added a C-pillar brace at the rear, as well as some factory style tinted taillights. I mixed a very pale clear pink for the reverse lights to recreate the slight tinge on the real life article.

Finally, a closer-up shot. Note the rear wiper delete plug and trunk lock.

This actually isn't the first EF I've modified. In the works is a Civic Wagon of the same generation (taking up time for the S13) that just needs to be done first. Pushing it to be finished by next week...but we'll see how that goes!