June 01, 2014


Prepare yourselves for a real cool story, bros.

Today I hit up a Walmart location (one that I usually go to but always come out empty handed) because I was passing thru the area and had time to kill. I was pretty happy to have found one of these, after weeks of seeing the same F case scraps:

Couldn't find the Tahitian Green EF Civic from the same case, but I'm pretty sure these int'l shortcard mixes aren't the same as regular stuff. Almost every time there's some desirable/recognizable cars missing when it's clear the whole case has been pegged very recently (maybe I'm just giving the store the benefit of the doubt when it comes to employee hookups...)

A couple hours later on my way to dinner, I run into a blue 620 I've seen on the streets on several occasions and even on Craigslist. Clearly I didn't squander the photo opp.