October 06, 2013

Results: Hot Wheels AE86-to-Widebody Starion/Conquest Conversion

(Build log hereMitsubishi Starion / Chrysler Conquest TSi)

A 6-month long build (working on and off) finally comes to an end, and I'm very happy to be able to share the results...

Gotta have the Japanese Nostalgic Car inkan on there, in no other colorway more 80's than black and gold.

Can't have a turbocharger and not tell anyone about it.

And of course, some photos of it next to its former self:

Now if only there was an actual Hot Wheels Mitsubishi Starion; I would def hoard those and do tons of repaints. Until they do release it, or when 3D printing or milling becomes mainstream consumer appliances, its all up to my ghetto styrene, files and putty. Not that I want to build another one of these though.

Thanks for checking it out! More customs like this are on the way...