April 25, 2013


Finally! I've found the time and concentration to sit down and make a post on here. A lot has happened since  my last entry and I figured today's get was the spark to lighting up this fire again. Behold: the 1987 Toyota Pickup from Hot Wheels' 2012 'Hot Ones' series.

This was a pretty surprising find as product lines outside of the usual Basic range either usually show up many months later than at retailers in the United States, or the store just decides to not stock them at all. When I first saw pictures of this model on the internet who knows how long ago, I was partial to it. But after just a glance of it in person, I knew I had to have it.

This model simply grabs your attention by the throat with its blood-red paintjob, garnished with very appropriately 80's style sunshine ray graphics that an SR5 model of this vintage would proudly wear.

The realism of this casting is astonishing. Check out the raised bolts on the fender flares, the window rain-visors, and the 2nd shifter to show that this truck is equipped with a transfer case. By now you should be convinced that the hardcore paintjob is backed up with some equally hardcore off-road capability. In theory, anyway.

To tie this short write-up all together, I grabbed an RN30 Hilux by Majorette out of storage for a side-by-side comparison at my favorite angle of these trucks. I'm a real sucker for retro design cues and the font on those tailgates just take the accuracy to the next level. I am very glad I bought this pickup today, and considering the casting awesomeness and the hefty weight to it (made by metal on metal construction), I feel it is worth every penny. And you bet I'll be snatching up a few more of these (in black) when the K-case makes it to my area!


As for the pictures of my custom Datsun 510 that I promised to show on here (from my Instagram): I originally had my shots ready but then I wanted to retake them after my addition of the turn signals underneath the headlights. I must have gotten sidetracked after that, but this time, they really will be up soon.