December 11, 2012


Can't believe my last post was almost a full month ago. Since then, the car I was planning to talk about - the Fast Fish - has just started to show up on the pegs all over the United States.

I was going to post up leaked pictures of the car (I found 2 or 3 that popped on Google), but I refrained from doing so after some consideration. Why? People get incredibly pissy about photo borrowing, even if the original source is linked and the image has not been altered in any way.

So basically, from now on, all images posted on this blog will be my original shots.

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to picking up a few of them. The Gulf livery was an instant "HELL YEAH, I WANT THAT" from me, but the casting that was used just made the deal sweeter. However, after hanging out on the forums when the 4th TH was leaked, the majority of people thought it was a disgrace by all definitions of the term.

Not a single damn would be given by me, because I love my futuristic cars and retro-styling cues. The Fast Fish's design checks those boxes, and has been on my mind since I first became aware of it while looking for the Krogers exclusive Mazda RX7.


While I don't have pictures of the TH Fast Fish to share, I do have something else:

My first 'green stripe', which were phased out by the end of the 2012 MY.

I found it sitting front and center on the pegs, and it was after a father with his son on his shoulders were checking the cars out when I got there.

The feeling of finding one of these in the wild is kind of like seeing Bigfoot in person. It's what keeps me from buying the cars I'm desperately looking for from ePay.

Back to the car: I would've bought the damn thing even if it weren't a TH. The history behind the P34 and just the overall design would be enough for me to snatch it up. It's another great job by HW designer Jun Imai (some examples of other favorite works by him are the classic Skylines and the AMC Javelin).

The detailing on the casting is amazing. Just look at those 8 shiny velocity stacks standing tall on top of the Cosworth powerplant. I'm also glad they used the grey base for the radiator instead of moulding it into the metal body fairings.

Oh, and I love the micro 5SP wheels...just as much as I love lettered tires.

But the show doesn't end there; the swooping exhaust manifolds are elegantly tucked behind the undercarriage/footwork.

Well, that's the end to my brief look at the car. I really hope there is another release in 2013. But preferably not as a TH - I want a decent chance of finding one!